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This summer I had the pleasure of working for the marketing department at InTouch Credit Union. It was an extraordinary experience I will never forget. Over a ten week period I grew tremendously as a professional. I gained valuable knowledge about internal office communications.

Working in a small marketing department also gave me the opportunity to have enormous responsibility to manage my time and many projects. I dabbled in everything from creating flyers and web banners to editing the member services guide for grammar, spelling and punctuation.

This internship has given me the opportunity to learn a lot about myself and the way I work best. I would highly recommend an internship to any student or recent graduate that is looking to grow as a professional and increase their knowledge about the industry.

An internship is also an excellent way to explore your career interests and broaden your skills if you are unsure of what your future career goals may be.

Here are a few tips to landing that first internship

1. Network your heart out
Talk to everyone you know. Get the word out that you are in search of an internship and be sure to begin the process early. Many employers fill their internship positions months ahead of time.

2. Clean up your act 
Make sure to go through your social media accounts with a fine tooth comb and delete anything that may give employers reason not to hire you. Remember that any photos, status updates and tweets you post paint a picture of who you are.

3. Give your resume a makeover
Take the time to clean up your resume. Make sure it’s up to date and is no longer than one page. It’s also important to remember to get to the point, don’t be too dressy and make sure to demonstrate measurable results for each professional experience you list. Always be honest!

4. Do your research 
When preparing for an interview you must do your research on the company or organization. Have questions prepared to ask the employer about their company and the internship position. The more you know, the better off you’ll be.

5. Dress to impress
I don’t care if you hate dressing up, wear a suit to your interview. It will put you miles ahead of the other aspiring interns interviewing. Remember to be at least 15 minutes early. Print out several copies of your resume so you are prepared to give it to several different people. Write down the name of each person you meet in the business portfolio you bring. Don’t wait to be asked for a copy of your resume, hand it to the interviewer upon sitting down, even if they already have a copy. Give them the updated resume.

6. Be passionate
Nothing impresses an employer more than a prospective employee that is passionate about the company and about their chosen degree and hobbies. Use the word passionate. Explain why you’ve chosen the degree you have and why you’ve chosen to apply at the company you are currently interviewing for.

7. Follow up
Always remember to thank the employer upon exiting your interview and remind them that you would like the position and why. Send a thank you email once you get back to your car and be sure to drop thank you notes for each person you met in the mail the same day of your interview.