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Saving money can be tough, especially when it comes to having FUN. As an Intern and fulltime college student, I’m always looking for news and cost-conscious ways to celebrate holidays, friends’ birthdays, or even show someone that I appreciate them. But who said FUN has to break the bank?

Frugal Fun Day is a holiday committed to finding creative ways to have a good time while your coins remain in the piggy bank. This year, Frugal Fun Day falls on Saturday, October 6, 2012. But why celebrate Frugal Fun Day just ONE day a year? Here at Southwest, we LUV to celebrate–whether it’s a holiday, birthday, or even a SWAnniversary!

There are many FUN, creative, and easy ways to celebrate each other and our achievements with our legendary low-cost flair. Here are a few ideas to celebrate with each other in a frugal and FUN way:

  • Host a holiday bakeoff: Each person brings their favorite homemade holiday sweet treat–from pumpkin pie to your great aunt’s fruitcake recipe. Hold a taste test to crown the Holiday Bakeoff Champ, and maybe find a new favorite recipe for your next holiday get-together.
  • Give a handmade LUV note: For a more personal touch, create a handmade card bu cutting letters or pictures out from old magazines, flyers, or posters. Create cards as a Team or on your own to celebrate SWAnniversaries, birthdays, or even a job well done!
  • Hold a monthly birthday potluck picnic: It’s not uncommon to celebrate a birthday with a Coworker on a near daily basis. Instead of spending money on a birthday lunch each day, why not host a potluck picnic once a month to celebrate with everyone?
  • Is a Coworker getting married? How about a cupcake tasting: Have each person bake their favorite cupcake flavor for a cake sampling with the future bride and/or groom and their SWA Family. Extra points if you decorate them like miniature wedding cakes!

What are some of your favorite frugal FUN ways to celebrate?

This is a blog post I wrote during my Fall 2012 Internship with Southwest Airlines. This blog entry was featured on the employee blog known as SWALife and is written to adhere to the SWA style of writing known as Colleen's Bible.